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Amusement Parks and the Extreme Rides


Amusement Rides

Fun, laughter, screaming, lot of action, no accidents, don’t know if you gonna make it back to the station, like in cloud nine and when gets off says “oh! That was awesome, wow that was incredible” that’s Extreme Rides.

Extreme Rides are surfacing at theme parks around the world at a high speed. Advances in technology and computer software have spurred the creation of a new generation of extremely innovative and highly sophisticated rides and attractions. Day by day rides are becoming taller and faster as technology expands and they are ceasing to become rides rather they are becoming an experiences to a generation. Competition to transform this high-tech equipment into extreme machines is understandably fierce among the designers. Now everyone in the FEC and Amusement Ride industry is thinking ‘what can I design that gonna grab the attention of people of the world’.

This quest for newer trends and design is the important reason why amusement parks and attractions of all types and sizes still continue to thrive. This positive outlook is further bolstered by the fact that the industry is well-placed to take advantage of certain larger developments taking place in the world, albeit at varying speeds.

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Amusement parks around the world is competing each other by building bigger, faster and more intense rides. Even though extreme rides require significant amounts of land and massive investment, they are the most appreciated. New crop of rides has also come in to the scene which requires only but providing more interactive experiences for passengers and bringing thrills to densely populated urban centers. This is a business that is so big on claims. It is likely to say that we have ‘as big as, high as, fast as…’ and it is terrific to say ‘we have one of a kind, extreme ride’.

Funriders Leisure & Amusement Pvt. Ltd. is the leading designer and manufacturer and supplier of innovative Amusement Park products and Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) for world-class clients. Specialized in thrill rides, indoor soft plays, kids rides, rope courses, climbing walls, classic rides, trampoline parks, bumper cars, family rides, roller coasters, mini trains, multi-level water play structures, stationary surfing machines, harnessed attractions, interactive play areas and water rides, Funriders provides turnkey solutions for its client unparallel and comprehensive development services through a combination of quality, excellence, innovation and technology.


Best Outdoor Play Equipment for Children

Children are at their happiest when they get the chance to play with their friends. In interacting with other kids, they can be highly imaginative and creative. They try different role playing activities. Some kids act like their favorite super heroes while other kids try out other scenes that they get to see in movies and television shows. Allowing them to play using imaginative ways is definitely a good thing. This is the best way for you to help them develop different kinds of skills.

BuildIndia create smiles through our innovative creations. We give assurance for SAFE & FUN. BuildIndia is a trusted manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters & marketers of a distinctive range of innovatively designed Playground Equipment. Our range of products comprises of Kids Swings, Garden Bench, Spring Actions, Kids Slides, Kids Climbers, Kiddies Multi Action Play System, Multi Action Play System, See Saw, Synthetic Grass, Fitness Equipment, Kids Merry-go-round, Mini House With Slides. Our range of these products brings back the thrill and enjoyment for the kids.


Installing a swing set in your yard is a great way to give your child hours of outdoor fun. When shopping for a swing set, consider the age and size of the children who will be using it, and check the maximum size and weight limits.

Buildindia offers an array of seesaws that accommodate 2 kids, 4 kids; for instance, DOLPHIN SEE-SAW is perfect for 2 kids to use at once; MULTISEATER SEE-SAW that enable 4 kids to use at once.

see saw

Merry go rounds are common equipment for many park playgrounds. Children enjoy the rotating motion and the playground challenge provided.


In adding spring riders to the playground, you can add excitement to the usual games that you play. In terms of their motor skills, spring riders are among the best structures where they can develop their motor skills.


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merry christmas and happy new year from Buildindia

merry christmas and happy new year from Buildindia


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