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As per the market norms, there are three characteristics an indoor playground or indoor soft play needs to succeed in parks and entertainment industry. The first is innovation; the playground needs to be unique so as to catch the interest of customers. The second one is the safety standards; the structure, materials, and playground equipment must be sturdy and durable, minimizing potential risk of injuries. Third, the playground needs to be diverse in terms of features, activities and options, so that it holds the attention of energetic children. Obviously, ensuring these three qualities may get a bit expensive but the money spent will be worth.

Funriders, the pioneers in designing, manufacturing and supply of indoor soft play installs play structures for shopping malls, business centers, airports, schools etc. We are the best option providing endless entertainment and fun for children ages 6 months to 15 years. Funriders has over 6 years of successful history in manufacturing indoor soft play and setting up indoor/outdoor parks, family entertainment centers and indoor soft play with over 1,000 installations throughout India. As the only soft play manufacturer in India, Funiders work with many different themes, solve endless space problems with our custom designed structures as they are fully modular and can be designed around most any obstructions such as pillars, columns, etc.

The Funriders design team can produce a custom themed indoor soft play for any venture to fit any footprint and any budget. Designed and manufactured in our own factory, Funriders guarantee safe and best quality final product keeping in mind the utmost safety of children and also environmental sensitivity adhere to the strictest HSE measures. We use eco friendly, non toxic, high grade polyester PVC the best material available on the market for soft play equipment and inflatable products. Off shelf product are filled with high quality, flame retardant CNC cut foam for great shape definition and conform to all current safety regulations and international standards.

Indoor playgrounds and play equipment’s offer kids air of fun, friends, and exercise. So it’s important to avoid improper indoor toys and play equipment’s that ruin the fun of children. A variety of factors determine the quality of indoor play equipment’s, these include design of the play area and play equipment’s, safety issues and accessibility. There is a critical need to develop a disposition for indoor physical activities in young children.


Indoor playgrounds or play areas are places where children’s play can take off and flourish. Good indoor play areas are large enough and designed in such a way that children can enjoy their play time to its fullest, where children can make a mess, run, jump and hide, where they can shout, whistle and explore the play area world. Using indoor play space, play equipment’s and soft play structures to fulfill basic childhood needs jumping, running, climbing, sliding, racing, yelling, rolling, hiding, and making a big mess is what childhood is all about! For a variety of obvious reasons many of these things cannot occur outdoors. Yet children must have these important experiences. Today children’s lives are more and more contained and controlled by small apartments; high-stakes academic instruction; schedules; tense, tired, and overworked parents; and by fewer opportunities to be children. Indoor play areas and soft play structures fulfill children’s basic needs for freedom, adventure, experimentation, risk-taking, and just being children.

By and large, indoor play areas and soft plays should be encouraged because they possess all kinds of play equipment’s like climbing equipment’s and swings, pedal go kart paths, and separate toddler area encompassing soft play toys, ball pools and electric merry-go-rounds on which preschoolers can run and crawl and infants and toddlers can lie, crawl, and roll. Go kart paths are used for Big Toys that is pedal powered go karts which is specially designed for children. Climbing equipment for infants and toddlers are always base models, including a crawling tunnel, small steps, and a slide. A variety of sloped areas help children learn to adjust their balance on differing surfaces. Parents are looking for a safe, fun and affordable environment to take their children to enjoy and it is important to provide a family friendly destination that is fun for all ages. With the addition of a themed soft playground system or outdoor playground you can increase attraction, improve play value, and add activity to keep your customers coming back.


With years of experience in designing and building commercial playground equipment to the custom specifications of the customers’ needs, Funriders has become a trusted name in the Soft play and indoor playground equipment manufacturing and supply in India. From small standard play systems and equipment’s to multi level play compositions and soft play structures, we take your input and build the customized indoor playground and soft play of your dreams. It is our objective to provide our customers with high quality, creative, affordable soft modular indoor play structures and outdoor playground systems that add attraction and value to any family friendly facility. Funriders is the nationwide supplier and distributor, offering commercial playground equipment’s, soft play center equipment’s, city park playgrounds, school playground equipment, church play structures as well as indoor playground equipment, site amenities, and recycled playground equipment’s. Our wide range of products and services includes.

Indoor School Playground Equipment

Our outdoor and indoor commercial playgrounds are highly customized for our specialized client base, offering end to end play solutions for school organizations such as:

Infant & toddler indoor playgrounds

Soft play toys

Soft play structures

Indoor play equipment’s

Indoor Playground in the Recreation Industry

Many of our large commercial accounts include clients in the recreation industries. This type of playground equipment requires special attention and capabilities to provide highly custom and themed playgrounds. Examples include:

Community park and play equipment

Indoor playgrounds for restaurants

Theme parks

Outdoor and indoor play equipment for apartments and resorts

Malls with multiple indoor play areas

Custom-designed indoor soft play structures for business centers

Even though the investment for indoor playground and soft plays are a bit high but it rally attract people because adults go where their kids want to go. This increase in foot traffic and will bring more business. Investing in indoor playground equipment’s and soft play is also a great investment for the future. Incorporating one or more fun, safe commercial indoor play systems or play equipment’s it endorses repeat business while offering something truly unique to children and their family.

Funriders provide end to end solution for indoor play areas and soft plays and also outdoor play equipment’s no matter what the customer needs. We built customer relationships by providing unparalleled design and highest quality indoor play areas, outdoor play equipment’s and soft play centers for private and public parks, apartments, residential projects, schools, clubs, community centers, hotels, business centers, malls car and so much more!

Our ability to create uniquely colorful and whimsical designs has proven to be invaluable in the creation of an effective indoor playground area. When properly applied, the visual appeal of a themed indoor play structure will allure kids and keep them entranced, while their parents repeatedly bring the their business.


Amusement Rides

Fun, laughter, screaming, lot of action, no accidents, don’t know if you gonna make it back to the station, like in cloud nine and when gets off says “oh! That was awesome, wow that was incredible” that’s Extreme Rides.

Extreme Rides are surfacing at theme parks around the world at a high speed. Advances in technology and computer software have spurred the creation of a new generation of extremely innovative and highly sophisticated rides and attractions. Day by day rides are becoming taller and faster as technology expands and they are ceasing to become rides rather they are becoming an experiences to a generation. Competition to transform this high-tech equipment into extreme machines is understandably fierce among the designers. Now everyone in the FEC and Amusement Ride industry is thinking ‘what can I design that gonna grab the attention of people of the world’.

This quest for newer trends and design is the important reason why amusement parks and attractions of all types and sizes still continue to thrive. This positive outlook is further bolstered by the fact that the industry is well-placed to take advantage of certain larger developments taking place in the world, albeit at varying speeds.

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Amusement parks around the world is competing each other by building bigger, faster and more intense rides. Even though extreme rides require significant amounts of land and massive investment, they are the most appreciated. New crop of rides has also come in to the scene which requires only but providing more interactive experiences for passengers and bringing thrills to densely populated urban centers. This is a business that is so big on claims. It is likely to say that we have ‘as big as, high as, fast as…’ and it is terrific to say ‘we have one of a kind, extreme ride’.

Funriders Leisure & Amusement Pvt. Ltd. is the leading designer and manufacturer and supplier of innovative Amusement Park products and Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) for world-class clients. Specialized in thrill rides, indoor soft plays, kids rides, rope courses, climbing walls, classic rides, trampoline parks, bumper cars, family rides, roller coasters, mini trains, multi-level water play structures, stationary surfing machines, harnessed attractions, interactive play areas and water rides, Funriders provides turnkey solutions for its client unparallel and comprehensive development services through a combination of quality, excellence, innovation and technology.


Outdoor play is a fab way for kids to keep active in the fresh air. It’s a great idea for your little one to start playing outside when they’re young, as it ups their co-ordination and learning skills as they explore the great outdoors.

Change your garden into a playground paradise with our huge range of fantastic outdoor play equipment. With our wide selection of swings and slides, you’re sure to find something to suit your little one’s age and ability.





Indoor Softplay

Soft indoor play equipment are the softer and slightly smaller versions of the real game that is mostly played outdoors. It is basically built for small kids and children and is not recommended for adults especially the hefty adults.

Let us look at some of the indoor equipment

1. Adventure towers: These are fake towers created with the help of foam and durable tuffnet which gives them a real tower-like feeling and also ensures the safety of the children.

2. Club Houses: This indoor equipment includes a club house theme which has all the things that you would found near a real club house like wood paneled windows, smokestacks, birdhouses etc.

3. Spectacular outdoor slide: This is comparatively bigger in size when compared to the other games and it is more suitable for commercial places like theme parks and fantasy parks, etc. These games have all the safety standards in place and can be used by more than ten to twenty kids at a particular time.

4. Play panels: These soft equipment panels pretty much look like the vending machines that we would come across in a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting rooms, changing rooms in any retail outlet, health clubs, restaurants, hospitals, etc. These games have a few games on them and occupy really very little space on the floor. These games increase the concentration power of the kids as there is a lot of hand-eye coordination activity involved and they are also less addictive than the other games.


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One of the more wonderful aspects of play is how it can foster a sense of community. outdoor play equipment can help children to learn to push their boundaries and become good at risk assessment. It also teaches them to explore new games and become confident in learning to try new things without being guided by adults.


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When you’re at a loss about what to do to keep your children happy and healthy, go to a playground. Children of all ages can spend hours swinging, climbing, balancing, digging, running and interacting with each other in these indispensable arenas


With creativity and excellence, we have been providing fun and amusement through safe, economical as well as eco-friendly play way systems and amusement products. Leveraging on vast experience, we have opened the gateway to beautifully designed Children’s Learning Toys, Preschool Furniture, Garden Sculptures, Kids Educational Toys, Garden Decorative Items, Garden Furniture, Garden Flower Pots, Funnel Ball, Kids School Furniture, Puzzle Games. We are a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of these exclusive products.


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