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In the modern world, most kids spend most of their time inside the homes or in classrooms. They lack the opportunities to see, feel and learn from the nature. Kids require adequate amount of physical activities for their muscles to grow stronger.

Kids love to be outdoors than closed indoors of homes. Their age demands to explore the nature as everything they find outdoors is new and exciting for them. They are curious about all what they see outdoors. Parents have to take the children outdoors frequently. But simple outdoor walks or jaunts won’t be exciting for kids. They need activities.


Play is the primary vehicle for development of the imagination, intelligence, and language. The playground maximizes opportunities to engage in a greater amount of play with their peers. The interaction with their peers allows children to express ideas and feelings and develop oral skills. Play structures promote social play because they provide children with places to congregate and communicate. Through the act of playing they learn social and cultural rules, and experiment with various emotions, and explore the socially shared system of symbols. By playing they also learn by physical and mental trial-and-error, through interaction with their environment and peers, the ability to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant information

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