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Playground rubber flooring is one of the commercially recycled rubber products that is becoming quite a popular choice for children’s play areas, home gyms and sports facilities. Playground rubber flooring offers many amazing advantages; many of them can simply not be ignored.


Typically rubber flooring can be found in schools and universities, hotels and restaurants, stadiums and arenas, sports and entertainment facilities, and healthcare facilities. Now it is becoming more popular as people try to find low maintenance, green products for their homes. Some attributes include comfort, sound proof, uniform color, slip resistant, easy to maintain and recyclable. While there are less expensive options for flooring, rubber is a good long-term value.


If allergies are a concern then rubber may be the perfect product. Rubber is, bacteria-resistant, hypoallergenic and water resistant. This is why it is often used in bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, basements, and recreation rooms.

Rubber flooring is low maintenance but it is very important to clean and maintain it properly. Cleaning involves sweeping, mopping and using a wax stripper occasionally. Rubber can be damaged by harsh cleaners and it is important to look for cleaners that rubber safe.


Buildindia offers SBR Rubber flooring and EPDM Rubber flooring at affordable cost

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