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Outdoor games are extremely engrossing in nature providing intellectual stimulation to a certain extent but in the bargain the children start being lethargic. while outdoor activities on the other hand, in addition to aiding the physical development of children, are also instrumental in the overall grooming of the child.

Physical Development
  • Increases Height
  • Reduces Obesity
  • Builds Stamina
  • Develops Muscle
  • Exposure to Fresh Air
  • Better Sleep
  • Faster reflex ActionsBetter Co-ordination of body parts
  • Active lifestyle

Social Development

  •   Develops a caring & sharing attitude
  •   Facilitates team building & co-operation
  •   Improves vocabulary & communication skills
  •   Develops negotiation skills
  •   Encourages risk taking
  •   Conflict resolution

Mental Development

  •  Improves concentration
  •  Creative & out of box thinking
  •  Develops problm solving skilld
  •  Stregthens determination
  •  Proximity to nature

Emotional Development

  •   Enjoyment & happiness
  •   Boosts self confidence
  •   Reduces anxiety
  •   Relaxes mind
  •   Helps in self expression

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