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Play Sets – Rendering a Cheerful and Safe Playing Time to Kids

There are many types of outdoor play equipment in the market that will delight any child. It is a personal preference on the type of outdoor play materials along with the budget and space available to place the equipment.


Slides and Swings

Slides are classic play equipment which is well loved by children all over the world. There are many different types of slides for a garden; the selection of slides can be according to the age of the children for safety and fun purposes.


Most slides can be installed by the purchasers; some slides can have accessories or be combined with other types of outdoor play equipment like the swing to generate a swing and slide set in the garden.11

This is a perfect combination of play equipment for young children who never tire of the swing or slide. Children love to feel the rush of the wind against their faces on the swing and the excitement of sliding down the slide.

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Outdoor Flooring: Advantages Of Rubber Tile Flooring

BuildIndia manufacture high quality, exclusive and premium rubber flooring products, for indoor and outdoor use. Our durable and long lasting rubber flooring and matting possess slip-resistant, noise reducing and anti-fatigue, qualities. Our rubber flooring and matting products are available in attractive designs and colors, which can add to the beauty of your place and can also hide the cracks and roughness of your floor. It is extremely easy to clean and install giving you a complete piece of mind by providing protection against slipping and dripping.


Rubber flooring has a number of excellent features to enhance the look, feel and life of your floor.Rubber has a variety of inherent advantages that have made it an extremely popular flooring choice for commercial, high traffic environments. Now with a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures available, this material is also finding its way into residential interior and exterior applications.


Advantages Of Rubber Tile Flooring

  1. Durability : The most often touted benefit of rubber flooring is the fact that it is strong, tough, and resilient against a variety of conditions.
  2. Low Maintanence: Synthetic flooring is generally more stain resistant than natural rubber.
  3. Fire and burn resistant
  4. Colour choices
  5. Soft: Despite the fact that it has commercial grade durability, rubber flooring is actually quite soft to the touch.
  6. Water Resistant: Rubber flooring is nonporous which means that you don’t have to worry about damage from basic liquid spills
  7. Sound properties

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Best Outdoor Play Equipment for Children

Children are at their happiest when they get the chance to play with their friends. In interacting with other kids, they can be highly imaginative and creative. They try different role playing activities. Some kids act like their favorite super heroes while other kids try out other scenes that they get to see in movies and television shows. Allowing them to play using imaginative ways is definitely a good thing. This is the best way for you to help them develop different kinds of skills.

BuildIndia create smiles through our innovative creations. We give assurance for SAFE & FUN. BuildIndia is a trusted manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters & marketers of a distinctive range of innovatively designed Playground Equipment. Our range of products comprises of Kids Swings, Garden Bench, Spring Actions, Kids Slides, Kids Climbers, Kiddies Multi Action Play System, Multi Action Play System, See Saw, Synthetic Grass, Fitness Equipment, Kids Merry-go-round, Mini House With Slides. Our range of these products brings back the thrill and enjoyment for the kids.


Installing a swing set in your yard is a great way to give your child hours of outdoor fun. When shopping for a swing set, consider the age and size of the children who will be using it, and check the maximum size and weight limits.

Buildindia offers an array of seesaws that accommodate 2 kids, 4 kids; for instance, DOLPHIN SEE-SAW is perfect for 2 kids to use at once; MULTISEATER SEE-SAW that enable 4 kids to use at once.

see saw

Merry go rounds are common equipment for many park playgrounds. Children enjoy the rotating motion and the playground challenge provided.


In adding spring riders to the playground, you can add excitement to the usual games that you play. In terms of their motor skills, spring riders are among the best structures where they can develop their motor skills.


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Make Your Children Happy with Outdoor Kids Play Equipment

Outdoor play equipment comes in different kinds, but they are all designed to offer children the endless fun that they are looking for during playtime. The toys and equipment are a great way of keeping the children occupied and active thus assisting in the fast and proper growth and also development. The equipment is designed to match the needs of children under all age brackets.


Outdoor play equipment like climbing frames and trampolines are not only a ton of fun, children are actually getting a workout from playing on it. These play sets improve the motor skills as well as muscle development and dexterity in our young ones.


Children’s outdoor play equipment today is available in an array of colors and is made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic and wood. Metal components are often padded with soft plastic or rubber, for protection.


Outdoor Play Equipment for Kids

Children love to play outside and playgrounds have been a great source of enjoyment for kids. Children undergo growth and development and their cells divide fast as compared to those of an adult. They therefore need a lot of physical exercise which they get from play.


In olden days, children used to play anywhere. This exposed them to many dangers and some of them experienced injuries all over their bodies. In the recent days, that has changed with more and better ways to allow children of all ages to interact and play together. A playground for children is designed for this purpose. It is equipped with all sorts of equipment for play including swings and slides. A playful child is always bright and ready to start the day. This is very important as it reflects when a child becomes an adult.


We focus mainly on the uniqueness in design and the maximum amount of fun they would deliver to children all over. Every play-structure on their site and catalog is different from the rest and would be more-than-welcomed additions to your community parks and playgrounds.10400027_1628068820741374_4234877728657836312_n

BuildIndia offers outdoor play equipment at affordable rate.